Steven R. Howe and Associates, LLC helps organizations improve systems through the use of data-informed strategic planning. We have more than 30 years of specializing in metrics, state-of-the-art analytics, and planning. Our substantive experience in community and organizational psychology - combined with high-level skills in statistical analysis - will help your organization find the right approach.

Our Services

We implement the latest tools to help your organization meet its objectives and fine-tune its systems and strategy. Our process will provide you with the data tools you need to enhance your organizational leadership from problem-solving to planning.


A metric is something that can be measured and then used to assess a process.

Every area of an organization or business has performance metrics that can and should be monitored. We will help you develop the right tools for measuring your most essential variables, and identify what data is vital to achieving your objectives.

  • Development – Creating the right tools for measuring your most essential variables such as high-performance, engagement, civility, and diversity acceptance.
  • Identification – Pinpoint and refine potential metrics, create an infrastructure to produce them, and present useful result s to key decision-makers
  • Data collection – Implement surveys, group assessments, focus groups, and key informant interviews.

Analytics is a crucial component of performance management.

Analytics is the capturing of measurable behaviors of people and processes. This can include everything from end-user patterns to production data. Analytics are numerical representations of behavior.

  • Utilize existing data by managing it to support longitudinal analyses, group comparisons, and benchmarks
  • Apply government data to understand markets, project policy impact, and improve organizational outcomes.
  • Use sophisticated research tools to model clients, processes, and outcomes
  • Conduct evaluation studies and policy research.

Effective decisions improve organizational operations.

Data analytics enhance decision-making and reduce costs.

  • Implement data-informed and data-driven decision-making by providing training and facilitating organization development interventions.
  • Build logic models that describe the short- and intermediate term outcomes that will help you meet your performance goals.
  • Identify stakeholders and include them in planning.

Improvement Science

Improvement Science is a new methodology that has achieved results in the healthcare industry and has potential for broad applicability in other fields, including children's services, human resources, work programs, and more. Improvement Science provides a framework that incorporates rapid tests of change to guide the development, revision and continued fine-tuning of new tools, processes, work roles, and relationships. Ultimately, it is learning by doing with a more user-centered and problem-centered approach.

About Steven R. Howe

Steven R. Howe has 40 years of experience in applied social science research with an emphasis on systems improvement via analytics, evaluation research, policy research, organization development, and program planning.

In 2007, Howe was named a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. He was later named a charter fellow of the Midwest Psychological Association. In 2009, he received a special award from the Society for Community Research and Action for contributions to public policy.

After earning his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Cincinnati in 1981, Howe joined the research staff of the University of Cincinnati Institute for Policy Research. He worked there for 13 years doing statistical consulting and conducting grant and contract research. Howe became expert in data management using SAS and the use of demographic data resources.

Howe joined the University of Cincinnati Psychology Department in 1993. He was tenured in 1999 and promoted to full professor in 2001. Throughout his time there, he taught statistics and was recognized for his advanced graduate statistics courses on statistical modeling. He served on more than 100 graduate thesis and dissertation committees.

Howe served as head of the UC Psychology Department from 2005 to 2012. He was named a Fellow of the UC Graduate School in 2013. He is currently an Emeritus Professor.

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