Employment Services Case Study

Background – A regional workforce investment board (WIB) asked us to survey employment service providers.

Challenges/Objectives – The employment service provider wasn’t receiving the data they wanted because the providers weren’t tracking the right metrics. They measured success by the number of trainees, instead of the number of people who secured employment following training. After reviewing the results of the initial survey, the board learned that this critical data wasn’t being recorded.

Strategy/Plan – The survey was retooled to ask the right questions to track the metric that the WIB deemed most important – how many trainees were placed in jobs and how many retained those positions and for how long. Then the board could mandate that the providers keep track of that job placement and retention data.

Outcomes – The net result was that the workforce investment board was better able to decide how to spend its funding dollars to generate the greatest impact on employee training, placement, and retention.